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Cayo Largo del Sur

Cayo Largo del Sur, also known simply as Cayo Largo, is the best jewel in the Los Canarreos Archipelago, off the southern coast of the Cuban mainland. The archipelago also includes 300 other cays (with a total of 38 miles, or 62 km, of virgin beaches) and the Isle of Youth (the second largest island in the Cuban archipelago).

Aerial View of Cayo Largo del Sur

Its name responds to its lengthened form, that which is supplemented with a history whose origin goes back to the time of the aboriginal ones, because in that earth portion remains belonging to the Siboney culture was located.

This beatiful island has a zone of solid ground of ones 35 square kilometers that incudes deluxe all inclusive hotels and tourist services. There are also virgin vegetation’s areas with great variety of flora and fauna.

White Sand Beach in Cayo Largo del SurBeach in Cayo Largo del Sur

This Garden of Eden located at the south coast of the Island of Cuba, exceptional nature with an impressive conservation level, where beyond that lived it transports you toward an unimaginable universe, it stayed uninhabited until its economic activity begins in 1981, from what nowadays one of the most beautiful places in Cuba is considered, where small hotels are alternated to beaches of fine sand, perfectly integrated in the natural environment.

Its sea beds are qualified among the best conserved of the planet, statement that can be proven with a simple immersion in anyone of the 33 diving points located in its proximities. Of another side, the big areas of existent mangrove swamps allow to carry out tourist journeys with observation of birds.

For all this marked difference it is considerate reserves ecological, for the National Center of Protected Areas.

Many histories tells that it was pirates and corsairs' feud, mentioning according to the legend that here acted the terrible Henry Morgan or selfsame Francis Drake, renowned pirates during the period of conquest; besides those no omitted comments that its sea beds are lain of fabulous treasures.

White Sand Beach in Cayo Largo del SurBeach in Cayo Largo del Sur

You won’t learn a thing about Cuban life, however, as everything here is a tourist contrivance, you are totally cut off from the mainland, and Cayo Largo is off-limits to Cubans (despite the Cuban models in the promotional literature). The only Cubans on the island are hotel staff who live in their community—El Pueblo—north of the airport; less fortunate construction workers live in virtual hovels.

The presence of the port chain Marina Puertosol (international free port) also facilitates the practice of the fishing, the life on board and the realization of trips around the island or Rosario, Rico, Cantiles and Iguana's neighboring Cayos and Isla de la Juventud, where it can travel faster through the International Airport Vilo Acuña.

It’s commercially identified as the All-In Island, this amainzing place has at the present time more than 1 000 rooms, contained in cozy hotels and villages.

This paradise island was severely beaten for the Michelle Hurricane. Nevertheless to the disasters caused by this huge hurricane, the beauty of this Garden of Eden was not affected. It will continue being a destination of impressive trip where their warmth, naturalism and relaxing stay, will last per years.