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Iguanas in Cayo Largo del Sur

In Cayo Largo del Sur, the nature shows a high grade of conservation, where numerous species of the flora and fauna are developed, among those that are the iguanas. Cayo Iguana, place that deserves its name for the great quantity existent of this mentioned reptile, is one of the territories preferred by the iguanas to live.

Iguana in Cayo Largo

The iguanas are known by his impressive exhibitions and retinue rituals and defense, in those that makes movements lifting the body and shaking the head from top to bottom with vigor.

His longitude can reach around 1,85 meters; the body is flat, with an array of thorns in the dorsal part, from the head until the long and muscular tail, lightly stunned. They have lids and external big auditory eardrums, as well as a bag or hanging jowl in the throat, much more developed in the males. They possess five fingers in each paw - very short - that finish in sharp claws. Their teeth are with solidity joinned to the interior border of the jaw and not in the external margin of the maxillary.

Differents that most of his similar ones, the iguanas are vegetarian. They feed of flowers, fruits, leaves, mollusks, algae and insects. His habitat varies; some are arborícolas, other aquatic ones and other terrestrial. They are in sandy costs with prevalence of reefs, where hollows exist; also in forests of mangroves and muddy areas.

The common iguana is abundant in the whole continental region mentioned and in Antilles, in the sea Caribbean.

As much the meat as the eggs of this species of greenish coloration and traverse dark bands in the tail, they are very appreciated by their nutritional value and they constituted one of the basic foods in the Cuban daily diet of the aboriginal ones.