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Playa Sirena, Sirena Beach

Sirena Beach, is in the most western part in the region and one of the most beautiful beaches in all Cuba is considered. This is due to its great proximity with Paraíso beach, what offers it similar attributes.

Playa Sirena

Of almost 2 kilometers of fine sand and without any hotel in the middle, the same one is protected of the wind and the surf, for what here the sea is very calmed. Also, it has a well equipped open air restaurant.

Sirena Beach, is a narrow tongue of white sand, sand that has the property that in spite of the intense sun of CARIBBEAN, it is not hot, but rather it has a magnificent temperature so that to walk on it; it is owes to the thick mantel karst that surround the whole underground of the Cayo, impeding the sunbeams so can pass over the chemical composition of the sand.